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DOL Workshop Clarifies New Fiduciary Rule on Retirement Accounts

Allegis Wealth Advisors

Allegis Wealth Advisors operates in South Jordan, Utah, with the mission of assisting clients in all aspects of their financial lives. Also known as Allegis Investment Advisors, Allegis Wealth Advisors belongs to the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), which offers professional development courses such as the DOL Workshop.

The DOL Workshop prepares financial advisors for changes associated with the new fiduciary rule for retirement accounts implemented by the Department of Labor. Details for the new rule cover more than 1,000 pages and include a complicated series of new requirements that some firms may find difficulty adapting to. The rule affects a broad range of financial institutions and some sources expect the change to cost the brokerage industry approximately $11 billion in revenue.
Participants will obtain a more thorough understanding of the Department of Labor’s objectives and how the rule affects advisors and financial institutions. The workshop also helps advisors understand their fiduciary duties and obligations to clients. Furthermore, course advisors will explain specific rule provisions, such as the Best Interest Contract (BIC) Exemption and Prohibited Transaction Exemption (PTE) 84-24 requirements.
The course is conducted in a classroom format and curriculum components include lectures, case studies, and interactive participant exercises. Registration covers all course materials and access to monthly live chat sessions with NAIFA Government Relations authorities.

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