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The Factors That Go Into Retirement Planning

Allegis Wealth Advisors

Allegis Wealth Advisors is a provider of services that meet the needs of professionals in the independent wealth management sphere. Offering personalized solutions, Allegis Wealth Advisors takes pride in providing clients with a level of support that rivals major brokerages.

One area of Allegis Investment Advisors experience is in retirement planning, which involves a complex mix of factors having to do with risk tolerance, timeframe, and income expectations. As a ballpark target, many retirement-minded savers aim for a post-retirement income of 70-80 percent of what they had before. This has changed in recent years, with the higher health costs associated with longer life spans a factor.

Determining how much money to set aside for retirement requires making accurate calculations that realistically take into considerations the cost of the lifestyle desired. At the same time, allowance should be made for health care contingencies that can quickly eat into the nest egg. Balancing predictability with high returns can be challenging so it makes sense to consult with a respected investment firm.

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